Case Study – Libraries

Key Products/Deliverables

  • Project Delivery Plan
  • Customer Insight and Business Intelligence Maturity Model – C.Co has developed a Customer Insight and Intelligence Maturity Model for Local Authorities, informed by industry standards. The self-assessment tool aims to help our clients achieve a status position of their current maturity level and direction of travel.
  • Detailed Opportunities Report outlining income generation and cost reduction opportunities
  • Stakeholder Evaluation Framework for Income Optimisation and Cost Reduction Opportunities – assessment against five key evaluation criteria.

The results were presented in an easy to interpret visual.

Our Methods

Desktop Exercises:

  • Financial Review
    • Baselining of financial data
    • Access to the CIPFA Benchmarking Club to enable benchmarking of client data with 13 other local authority comparator as well as the national average.
  • Review of visitor numbers and library usage across 16 different sites
  • Identification of national and local emerging trends
  • Development and application of a Customer Insight and Business Intelligence Model to assess the Client’s level of maturity against industry standards
  • Identification of income generation and cost reduction opportunities for libraries supported by best practice examples

Stakeholder Activities:

  • Interviews and fact finding with key stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Engagement Workshops to assess the viability of income generation and cost reduction opportunities including a SWOT analysis

Client Outcomes

The Customer Insight and Business Intelligence Assessment provided a baseline position for the library service with regards the status of their customer evidence base to inform and support the plans for service transformation. The assessment further provided the Council with a direction of travel by highlighting the standards that the service would need to satisfy to move it onto the next level.

Our robust evaluation weighted the income generation and cost reduction opportunities identified by C.Co against important priorities for the Council resulting in a fit for purpose end product tailored specifically to meet our client’s requirements.

The final report highlighted opportunities with a potential financial value of £1.3 Million and different governance model options to facilitate delivery.

Project Details

Local Authorities must provide a comprehensive and efficient library service for everyone in the area that wants to make use of it, taking into account local needs and within available resources.

C.Co was asked by a council to provide a baseline on the current financial position of its Library Service and to advise on viable income generation and cost reduction opportunities to help the Council comply with its statutory duty as well as inform future transformation plans.

The scope included:

  1. Undertaking a review of the current income optimisation plans for the Council Library Service providing a SWOT analysis on the current proposals to identify opportunities to pursue.
  2. Undertaking a maturity assessment on the current insight and intelligence available for libraries.
  3. Identifying and reporting on opportunities for income optimisation in libraries through research of best practice and engagement via a workshop.

  • Reduce costs whilst maintaining and/or improving quality standards.
  • Become financially independent and sustainable.
  • Grow the business.


  • Alternative Service Delivery Vehicles (SLEs, JVCos, CICs)
  • Accountancy & Financial Management
  • Baselining
  • Benchmarking
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Commercialisation (Delivery Models)
  • Commissioning
  • Contract Management
  • Copy Writing
  • Income Optimisation
  • Financial Modelling
  • Governance
  • Organisational Development>
  • Primary Research
  • Programme/Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Secondary Research e.g. CIPFA Benchmarking Data
  • Service Redesign/Transformation
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Strategic ICT
  • Strategy Writing
  • Visioning