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We are C.Co; CIPFA's consultancy service. We bring people together across organisations, share and signpost innovative practices and bring robust but pragmatic methods to everything we do.

About us

Solution focused

You don’t have to work in the sector to know that public services are changing; rapidly.

Budgets are reducing, demand is increasing and we’re seeing a seismic shift on a scale previously unknown. While this can be scary and unsettling, particularly for those relying on public services, it can also be a catalyst for developing creative and inspiring new practices, getting back to the heart of what public services are all about, and utilising new technologies and innovations.

In a time of uncertainty, the one thing that we do know is that change needs to become business-as-usual and as a sector we face some big questions over the next few years. So, while organisations have more freedom and flexibility to deliver in new and exciting ways, the whole of the public sector is trying to understand what this could mean for them individually and as part of a collective.

That’s where we come in…

We are passionate about public services and work with public sector partners to create dynamic and forward thinking organisations that really deliver for people. We help to explore options, design solutions and make evidenced based decisions that contribute to the advancement and wellbeing of society.

Our services

Business Planning, Target Operating Models

All organisations need robust business planning. Understanding your services, market, finances and workforce will help you to set realistic milestones and communicate a clear vision to your organisation and customers and will help you get ahead of the change curve. Clarity over what you want to achieve in the short, medium and long term will lead to good decisions whilst increasing buy in and your chances of success. We bring challenge and insight whether you’re a public body or a new spin out venture.

  • vision
  • outcomes
  • optimisation

Opportunities & Options appraisal

Complex and difficult decisions face challenge. Fully exploring opportunities and undertaking options appraisals allows transparency and provides sufficient evidence for robust decision making. Business cases, prototypes and modelling are vital for successful implementation. We provide an independent view and learning and experience from across the sector to add value to organisation.

  • research
  • evidence
  • outcomes

Managing change

Whether managed centrally or through a federal model, your change programme needs to be coherent to effectively manage risk and deliver positive results at the pace and scale required. But change is about more than just good project and programme management. Communication, engagement, clarity of vision and space for iterative design will help your workforce to embark on the journey together. We will work with you to design, realign and implement your transformation programme.

  • coherence
  • effectiveness
  • pragmatism


Trading, income generation and investment offer public sector organisations new opportunities for growth and financial sustainability. But there is much to consider from operating models, legal structures, governance and risk to markets, skills and culture. We will help you to explore the investment and impact of different models including market analysis, organisational design and financial models.

  • analysis
  • spin out
  • growth

Contract Management & Procurement

Are you about to commence a major procurement exercise and need specialist support to manage the process effectively? Or maybe you need some support in ensuring that your contract management arrangements are stringent, risk based and cost effective? We can help you to deliver successful procurements and ensure that the controls and processes are put in place to manage your external contracts effectively.

  • control
  • contract
  • procure

Health Checks, Learning

Is something not quite working and you need a fresh pair of eyes to help you to understand why? Or maybe things are going smoothly but you want some reassurance that you’re on the right track? No matter what the type or scale of your work a quick review can provide valuable insight. We can provide health checks in a single area or across services. We can also develop learning tools to motivate and upskill your team.

  • understanding
  • insight
  • improvement


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The amazing team behind C.CO

Richard Harrison Managing Director C.CO

Richard Harrison

Managing Director
Natalie Abraham - Operations Director C.CO

Natalie Abraham

Operations Director
Nicky Waters - Senior Managing Consultant C.CO

Nicky Waters

C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

Leona McMillan

Commissioning & Procurement Consultant, Associate
Sanjeet Bains - Senior Managing Consultant C.CO

Sanjeet Bains

John Knight

John Knight

Programme Director

Ian Kirby

Programme Director
Heather Baron

Heather Baron

Senior Managing Consultant
C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company


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