by John Knight

Everybody is unique and has their own personality, and this makes life interesting. However, having a range of personalities in a team within a business environment is also important, as all the different styles are needed for a team to work efficiently. However, for a team to be truly effective, not only do you need the different personality types, but you also need to understand what drives them, how they need to be communicated with and how they can positively impact the wider team.

Building your team

By understanding the strengths and weaknesses of other personality types, you are most likely to strengthen your team. Obviously, personality types are not the sole basis for team member decisions, it is necessary to also consider the skills and experience required. Having a diverse team will mean that you cover all bases – from leaders to the task orientated individuals who are so important to successful outcomes of projects.

Having a good team isn’t just about completing work faster, it is about the overall productivity and efficiency of the team, and in turn, the company. Effective teams work towards a common goal, which is clearly defined. Each member of the team has their own part to play, and this is also clearly defined.

Getting it right

You will know when you get it right, as everything will seem to run so much more smoothly. You will find morale is high and people get on with each other and enjoy each other’s company. This level of respect will be reinforced through the practice of active listening and other forms of effective communication – inside the team and externally.  A team that is working well together will also be more open to change and will look for solutions where there are challenges. The team will also take ownership of their mistakes, safe in the knowledge that the wider team will be more interested in resolving the issue than casting blame.

Flexibility and respect for other personality types is a very important part of team cohesion. This is why recognising that everyone is different, is an important first step. However, identifying your team culture and how it can be improved can be difficult to do from the inside. It is generally easier to identify the workings of a team from an external perspective.

Much has been written about the subject of personality and the importance it plays within a team, and there are many assessment tools out there that can be used to help you identify your team. At C.Co, we understand the importance of ensuring your team can work well together, and we can work with you to ensure team cohesion. Contact us today to find out more.