We are C.Co

We are C.Co; CIPFA’s consultancy service. We bring people together across organisations, share and signpost innovative practices and bring robust but pragmatic methods to everything we do.

Why We Do What We Do

You don’t have to work in the sector to know that public services are changing; rapidly.

Budgets are reducing, demand is increasing and we’re seeing a seismic shift on a scale previously unknown. While this can be scary and unsettling, particularly for those relying on public services, it can also be a catalyst for developing creative and inspiring new practices, getting back to the heart of what public services are all about, and utilising new technologies and innovations.

That’s where we come in…

We are passionate about public services and work with public sector partners to create dynamic and forward thinking organisations that really deliver for people. We help to explore options, design solutions and make evidenced based decisions that contribute to the advancement and wellbeing of society.

We bring people together across organisations, share and signpost innovative practices and bring robust but pragmatic methods to everything we do.

We have a fantastic core team and network of knowledgeable and passionate people so if you’re grappling with a problem or a decision, whether that’s setting a budget, appraising delivery models, considering commercialisation, improving productivity or reducing costs, then talk to us; we can help.

Our Story

Our parent company, CIPFA, could see that the industry needed some support in the face of such a complex agenda. That’s why we’ve created a consultancy service, staffed by leading practitioners from across the sector.

We know what it’s like to make tough decisions. Working within public sector organisations before and during austerity, we have grappled with the pressure to make significant savings whilst balancing the needs of service users and citizens. Working in a Political environment we’ve been at the forefront of public sector innovation; setting up and managing Change and Transformation functions, designing and delivering alternative delivery models and winning awards and recognition for our programmes and projects.

Our experience in Local Government transformation began to attract interest from different organisations who were starting out on their own change journey. Our MD in particular was becoming known for designing and setting up spin out organisations using a variety of models.

We began to really enjoy working with different organisations, developing new ideas and sharing what we’d learned from our own journey and in 2016 we jumped at the opportunity to take our knowledge and enthusiasm to a wider audience. CIPFA, a trusted public sector partner, could see the value in our approach and so together we set up C.Co, a dynamic consultancy that has its own style and identity but benefits from being part of the CIPFA Group.

If you want to know more about what we do, you can download our brochure.


The amazing team behind C.C0

Paul Woolston

Richard Harrison Managing Director C.CO

Richard Harrison

Managing Director
Natalie Abraham - Operations Director C.CO

Natalie Abraham

Operations Director
Nicky Waters - Senior Managing Consultant C.CO

Nicky Waters

Senior Managing Consultant
Sanjeet Bains - Senior Managing Consultant C.CO

Sanjeet Bains

Senior Managing Consultant
C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

Leona McMillan

Senior Consultant (Commissioning & Procurement), Associate
Heather Baron

Heather Baron

Senior Managing Consultant
Ian Kirby

Ian Kirby

Programme Director
John Knight

John Knight

Programme Director
C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

And our associates

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Francis Davis

Associate Strategic Advisor

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