What type of support was the client seeking and why? 

Nuneaton and Bedworth Council Community Enterprises Ltd (NABCEL) was created as a wholly owned company of Nuneaton & Bedworth Council in 2013. It has grown positively and prudently since then, both in size and profitability.

Development of the business has been carefully considered to date, ensuring that with any considerations of growth and expansion, there is a clear understanding of the market opportunity and the market advantage.

The company recognised that to further succeed on its ambitions it needed to have a strong Board and it appointed C.Co to undertake a Board effectiveness review.

Further to this work, C.Co was then re-appointed by NABCEL in 2023, to support with recruitment and appointment of two Non-Executive Directors (NEDs).

What did C.Co do? 

Our initial Board review made several recommendations, amongst them was for NABCEL to consider the appointment of two independent Non-Executive Directors (NEDs).

The objective of appointing NEDs was:

  • To bring additional capacity and insight into key areas of the business
  • To bring technical knowledge of the market, including future trends and business rigour
  • To achieve a balance of Board level skills and expertise, and
  • To support Board succession strategy and diversity.

C.Co conducted interviews with Board members to determine perceptions of requirements for the roles. Following engagement, we developed job specifications and descriptions for both roles.

C.Co then advertised and promoted the roles and sourced candidates aligned to NABCEL’s strategic vision and corporate values. 

What difference has C.Co made to the client?

Having implemented recommendations from the Board effectiveness review, NABCEL is now in a position to drive the business forward, ensuring additional vision, creativity and skill are brought to the organisation at the most senior level.

Through the subsequent appointment of Non-Executive Directors, NABCEL’s Board will benefit from independent oversight and strategic insight, their monitoring of executive actions, reducing the risk of decisions lacking business rigour. The NEDs will bring external expertise and specialist knowledge which will enhance decision-making and contribute to effective risk management. The addition to the Board of NEDs will provide the compass that guides NABCEL towards strategic and sustainable growth and responsible decision-making.

Why C.Co?

One of the reasons that C.Co was originally created was to bring capability and capacity to local authorities considering the creation of spin out trading companies. Over the years we have provided advice and support to numerous organisations, at various stages of the journeys – from future options and expansions to in-sourcing previously externalised functions. Our support is always practical, pragmatic, and independent. Our team includes people who are themselves Non-Executive Directors of trading companies, so have a practical understanding of the challenges and opportunities.

“C.Co’s knowledge and experience of the local government sector made them an ideal partner to support us. They are credible, well connected and easy to work with. Their experience of dealing with local authority trading companies, coupled with their understanding of NABCEL, allowed them to find us two really strong Non-Executive Directors to help develop the future business”.

Robert Askew, Managing Director, NABCEL