How confident are you that your authority is optimising COVID 19 driven budget setting decisions and transformational projects to ensure you have the biggest positive impact, in the shortest time, within your resource and financial constraints?

It is almost impossible to plan over the course of months, even years, the optimum order of decision-making and delivery, especially with an increasing need to do more for less, competing priorities, limited resources, pet projects, deadlines and ever-increasing budget reductions. Do you have the confidence that you have all the right pieces in place to deliver what you need, and in the necessary timescales?

The impact of COVID 19 makes this task increasingly complex and at the same time, increasingly critical for the future success of your organisation.

At CIPFA C.Co we are working with authorities across the UK to deliver on their commitments and in helping them to make sure it happens, in the right order. Our team have years of practical experience of delivery and know what works.

Our Prioritisation Diagnostic coupled with the Folio tool developed by our partner i-three analytics facilitates the capturing of business critical insight, intelligence and data associated with your existing budget related projects and plans, and our unique software optimises the order, priority and resourcing of activity within your local parameters and constraints. Thus providing you with the necessary evidence to make informed and robust decisions in this complex climate.

Our review typically takes ten working days and provides you with a practical diagnostic that will show you issues, risks and gaps and produce workable ways to maximising the allocation of your resources and supporting informed decision-making through a prioritised delivery plan.

Read more about the benefits of Portfolio Solutions (Folio) here

We are registered on frameworks with ESPO and Crown Commercial Service Two so it is quick and simple to engage us.

For further information or a conversation please call us on 07949346627 or email  SpeakToUs@WeAreC.Co