by John Knight

September is, of course, the start of a new academic year. The summer holidays are at an end. Young people are returning to schools and colleges and many of us are going back to work after a well-deserved break. Even if most of us work to a calendar year, beginning in January, or the tax year, starting in April, September is actually a great opportunity to make a new start at work and even to make some mini ‘new year’ resolutions.

The start of autumn is certainly a good time to review your business strategy and see if it is still fit for purpose. When did you last look at your business plan? Is it out of date? Do you know exactly how well your business is performing? There are still three whole months until the end of 2022, which is plenty of time to make significant changes that can really have a positive impact.

Setting achievable objectives for ‘back to school’

Returning to work after the summer holiday can be a challenge for many people. Some of us enjoy the return to the ‘back to school’ routine of work, while others may struggle for a few days at least to adjust. This period of adjustment can be a good opportunity to reflect on changes you can make to improve the way you and your business works and to set some achievable goals going forward. Setting some objectives for the rest of the year will make you feel much more positive.  You need to make them achievable by breaking them down into manageable tasks.

It doesn’t all have to be about things you must stop, start or change. Don’t forget to celebrate what has been working well – the next step is to work out how you can make that happen more.

Most importantly, don’t forget, the secret to any successful planning or goal setting is to make sure your goals are eminently achievable (the ‘A’ in SMART).

Continually reviewing commercial management and governance reflects good practice and high performing organisations (in the public and private sector) keep the continuous improvement of the company and governance as a corporate priority.

If you decide the time is right to review your business strategy, C.Co can help. Our tailored Healthcheck tools enable organisations to review their services, celebrate success where positive action is being achieved, but also take corrective action where it is needed. Contact us today to see we can help.