The importance of understanding the right behaviours

All people in an organisation, from the leadership team down, work within a context – an organisation, the people within it, the nature of the work, the culture etc. Within their specific context people have a mindset and range of beliefs, often at the unconscious level, as well as a set of skills and knowledge which drive their day-to-day actions and behaviours. These actions and behaviours have a direct impact on the staff within an organisation – their motivations, energy, mood, creativity and discretionary effort – which ultimately influence business outcomes, such as productivity, customer service, quality of outputs etc. It is reasonable to assume that everyone in the organisation wants to do a good job, yet sometimes the mindset and the behaviours that are being demonstrated are not aligned to those business outcomes.

How C.Co can help

We work with leadership and management teams to help to refine those organisation behaviours that are required for the future. This can range from facilitated leadership and team development sessions to help them better understand their individual and collective strengths and deliver on business objectives, through to developing a whole organisation framework for effective behaviours. We can also help organisations to use these measures of strengths and behaviours as part of an assessment and development programme, and to support effective recruitment.

Where to start?

You have to start somewhere, and most organisations begin with strengths-based development or performance management and use the enthusiasm generated as a launch pad to introduce strengths approaches into other aspects of talent management. It can be a very good starting point because having the right people doing the jobs that give them energy and motivate them is an essential part of being productive and is key to a high-performing organisation. At C.Co we have trained Strengthscope® practitioners who can help you on your journey – why not contact us today to find out more?


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