At C.Co we believe that the sector understands its challenges better than anyone – and with the increasing pressures and pace of change required, having the opportunity to unlock an organisations potential is a constant challenge. That’s why we believe in Collaborative Consultancy, bringing together the wealth of expertise and insight held by our creators, CIPFA, with the knowledge of our clients, supported by a new form of consultancy which challenges tradition to provide a sustainable future.

We might be the new kids on the block, but with over 100 years of collective internal public sector experience, our team of leading public sector practitioners are able to bring practical solutions that create tangible benefits for you and your communities.

Just look at our track record – in just 18 months we have achieved over £25m worth of savings working across England, Scotland and Wales as well as

  • supporting the creation and implementation of a new organisation design for a Metropolitan Borough to enable them to capitalise on their regeneration aspirations
  • conducting multiple strategic and operational reviews at both whole organisation and service level
  • being appointed as strategic advisors for the Department for Education in particular supporting Children’s Trusts
  • leading research into the future of Education Support in the face of academisation
  • reviewing nationwide commissioning approaches, establishing cost of care tools and supporting the development of sustainable care markets;
  • undertaking commercial reviews of numerous Trading Standards, Libraries and even a steel manufacturing plant(!)
  • and subsequently, piloting and launching our training programme on commercialising public services

Perhaps most importantly, to date, our bespoke approach has provided savings opportunities of over £50 for every £1 invested – something we’re extremely proud of.

If that’s the first 18 months, we’re looking forward to many more – want to join us?

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