C.Co, CIPFA’s Collaborative Consultancy is pleased to announce that Michael McDonagh has been appointed as Chief Executive.

Michael is an experienced professional services partner. The former KPMG UK COO has extensive knowledge of the public sector. A very experienced operator he understands how to run and develop a consulting business.

Michael said, “I am delighted to have been appointed to the helm of C.Co which has so much to offer the public sector in transformational change management. C.Co understands the needs of their clients and are real problem solvers. I have been looking for a different challenge and am looking forward to further building the business which has a unique offer to the public sector. I believe that the landscape is changing and public service providers, who have been working so hard to respond to the pandemic, need support to make sure that they are in good shape now and into the future to respond to a new normal.”

Michael’s is a Chartered Certified Accountant. In addition, Michael is also a Non-Executive Director for Housing 21; a not-for-profit provider of retirement housing and extra care for older people. He specialises in the broader public sector and has worked with many of the most influential and prestigious organisations in the country. As a keen supporter of the diversity agenda, Michael has a history of mentoring. He is a current Audit Committee member for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Natalie Abraham has worked over the last 18 months as Interim Managing Director to sustain and develop the organisation as experts in public sector transformational change and has developed long-lasting and meaningful partnerships with many clients across across all parts of the UK including central government departments, the LGA, Local Authorities, the NHS, Police, and the independent, private and third sector.

Natalie said, “I have been able to work with communities, businesses and public services to develop insights and new solutions and will continue this work as C.Co’s Chief Operating Officer. It is personally important to me that I continue to support our clients existing and new and will hand over to Michael so that I can focus on operational delivery in the business in which I have invested my passion and energy. It is time now to refocus and build on the strong foundation stones that the team and I have put in place.

We Are C.Co

C.Co is the collaborative consultancy of CIPFA, The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy. Our collaborative relationship gives our clients the synergy and benefits of financial management and control blended with value driven consultancy.

C.Co delivers services through a clear set of relevant client value propositions, a team who really understand and have a passion for the public sector market they serve and a focus on delivering real outcomes which add value and ensure an efficient, effective and economic offer for all of our clients.