Most local authorities have embraced new, innovative and entrepreneurial ways of delivering services – whether through shared services, local authority trading companies, outsourced services or partnerships and joint ventures (amongst others). But how do you lay the foundations of success? The answer, Good governance. Whilst not the most exciting of topics (some may even say boring), there is no substitute for having good governance, combined with sound financial, performance and risk management mechanisms. So…how good is your boring?

At CIPFA C.Co we believe that a good governance framework is a critical success factor for the creation and operation of alternative delivery models. At its best, having good governance arrangements allows for a competitive advantage which drives the business forward to success. At its worse, it is opaque, poorly thought through or not enacted.  This can lead to confusion, poor risk management, conflicts of interest, deteriorating relationships, under-performance, poor value-for-money, reputational damage and compliance issues.

Our Governance Healthcheck is a cost-effective way for you to assess your governance mechanisms – from reviewing governance frameworks, assessing board performance through to exploring contract monitoring mechanisms.

Our reviews typically take five working days and provide you with a practical diagnostic that will show you issues, risks and gaps and produce workable ways to mitigate them.

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We are registered on frameworks with Bloom, ESPO and Crown Commercial Service Two so it is quick and simple to engage us.

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