Introducing Asia! My first week at C.Co

The first week was a whirlwind introduction to all things C.Co, meeting the team, working through the rather creative induction pack and getting hands on with the first assignment. Having had a bit of lie-in on my first day (a treat in itself!) I made my way to headquarters and had my lovely welcome from the team and a tour of the office courtesy of Nicky. I wasn’t the only newbie to the team however, my new colleague, Haris, started at the same time as me so I had somebody else to share the experience with!

Working through the initial steps of getting setup and getting everything working, I was then able to dive straight into the induction pack which contained lots of different tasks and activities. But before all this, I was able to spend some time with the MD, Richard, and we spent more time discussing favourite pastimes and passions, which we found to have a few in common. Myself and Haris worked together through multiple questions and found that there were some picture taking requirements within the pack. I have to confess however being as camera shy as I am, I just about managed a promise to have a picture taken for my website profile. I didn’t get any selfies however… (shame on me!).

I spent some time with Nat, Nicky and Sanjeet to understand how the business works, what C.Co means as an organisation, as well as getting to know them all a bit better too. They further confirmed my belief that C.Co is the place for me. It is a great feeling to be working with a dynamic and forward thinking team. I don’t know where Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday went but they flew by. I also got a chance to meet a couple of the associates, Graham and Pam, who were both lovely and I look forward to working with them.

I was quickly assigned my first deadline, which is working on a bid and it has been really interesting so far. There has been lots of reading required but it’s a flashback to my Masters and whilst challenging, I absolutely loved it and how much I learnt. I also spent some time learning about not 1 but 2 ongoing projects that I will be working on; I said I wanted a challenge and so far C.Co has not failed to deliver. I don’t think I have slept as well as I did last week, just from the sheer overload of information but its been refreshing; the work and the sleep. I am looking forward to being on client site next week and meeting this deadline. I will also be getting back to my finance roots and be spending some time on unit costing, that will be interesting!

Well the first week has flown by, I can only imagine that will be the same of the second, I am already looking forward to all the challenges and experiences that lie ahead. C.Co has been everything I thought it would be and I hope in time, it will be that and even more.


And we’re recruiting! So, if this sounds like the right environment for you, check out our recruitment page or get in touch; SpeakToUs@WeAreC.Co

Sanjeet Bains - Senior Managing Consultant C.CO

My first 100 days at C.Co

In the lead up to Christmas 2016, after nearly 10 years working in Local Government, I handed in my notice. I was leaving a good job, good opportunities and colleagues who over the years had become good friends. So why did I do it? I saw a new challenge, an exciting opportunity to broaden my experience, develop my skill set, work with a passionate and committed team and join a company whose values matched by my own. So, 100 days in, is it living up to expectations?….YES.

C.Co is a great place to work. Moving from a large corporate organisation with infrastructure and support structures to a start-up company was daunting, the simple things (like no IT helpdesk when your computer stops working!) took a bit of getting used to – I am now an expert at solving IT issues via google search! but this was quickly outweighed by the things that matter, having the autonomy to act, opportunity to discuss and share my ideas, accountability over my work/clients and having an interesting, invigorating and balanced workload. In one single day I could be agreeing marketing artwork with graphic designers, doing detailed analysis for a client, interviewing end-users as part of a project, updating our social media, through to preparing a pitch for a new client project – I am being challenged and learning something new every day.

I know it sounds cliché, but the values of C.Co and the team I work with make working here a pleasure, we focus on generating value for our clients, not just profits. This ethos is central to what we do, how we work with our clients and how we work together as team. C.Co gives me the best of working in public and commercial sectors along with the confidence that through CIPFA, our parent company, we are investing any profits back into the sector, to continually add value.

The longer I work here the more I see that our varied client base also share our values – making every assignment that more rewarding. My first assignment along has given me the opportunity to work at the heart of organisation, working with frontline practitioners, engaging with end users and supporting strategic boards – all in organisations who are driven to be leading edge, to transform services, realise tangible delivery and make positive change to people and organisations.

On a personal note, working remotely took some getting used to, but now, I love it! The fear of feeling isolated was quickly dispelled – Technology is brilliant!. Learning to use skype and working with a tremendously supportive team means that no one is ever more than a phone call, video call, text, email away to discuss a work issue, get some advice or just catch-up about what you did at the weekend. Coupled with a great work-life balance that means I can enjoy being off-work as much as I can being at work – what do they say, work hard, play hard!

So, 100 days in…and I can’t wait to see what the next 100 days has in store!