Why consider the health of commissioning and contract management?

Organisations can spend a significant amount of money with suppliers without maximising their contracts in terms of spend or quality of services. And, you might not be maximising your spending power. Knowing any potential weaknesses in your commissioning and contract management practices will help you to manage risk and ensure safe and informed decision making.

How can C.Co help?

We will work with you to baseline your current activity, assess the effectiveness, and identify any improvements that could be made to maintain continuous improvement and mitigate risks.

What are the benefits of a health check?

It will allow you to focus on achieving the best outcomes and getting the best value for money. It can also give you access to data and information that will allow insight into areas such as demand, which can help you to make strategic decisions. It will provide an understanding of the whole cycle of activity from defining the requirement to satisfying it, measuring outcomes and improving performance.

Calculating the Actual Cost of Care

Since the introduction of the Care Act 2014 local authorities have a statutory duty to facilitate and shape the whole publicly-funded and self-funded care and support market. It is however, well documented that care services in the UK are experiencing increased demands and increasing complexity of care needs as well as rising costs for care […]

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