Our team works collaboratively with you to develop practical evidence-based opportunities that have integrity and credibility. We are fleet of foot, flexible and easy to engage and all our services are focused on improving outcomes for residents and service users.

Market Sustainability

At C.Co we work collaboratively with commissioners and providers to develop an evidence base for a local cost of care. In accordance with CIPFA’s Cost of Care Guidance, at C.Co we believe that locally informed cost and quality modelling, based on actual costs incurred by providers is most reliable and relevant for Commissioners.

Our approach recognises that good commissioning practice requires an understanding of both the market and provider costs incurred in running a business. We understand that critical to sustainable provision is that providers have sufficient cash flow to service costs and a sufficient return to ensure continuation of business in the long term – meaning the outcome of any cost of care exercise has to be affordable, reasonable and, most importantly, fair.

Take a look at our cost of care brochure to get a better understanding of the approach we adopt to improve the sustainability of local care markets, whilst increasing value for money for commissioners.

Co-Production and Design

Working with you to ensure your staff, stakeholders and communities play a part in the design of your projects and services.

At C.Co we believe in the power of conversation and the need for two way engagement across the board.

The challenge

The success of projects, initiatives and services on a whole is largely dependent on how engaged and bought in stakeholders feel, how well needs and demands are understood and how well concerns are heard and addressed.

Communities are playing an increasingly key part in the design and delivery of services – with success rates positively impacted when public need and value are fully understood.

And staff initiatives are far more likely to have the desired affect if the right level of engagement is undertaken.

How we can help

At C.Co we have a breadth of experience in delivering collaborative approaches to change, engaging staff, residents, community groups and local providers alike to ensure projects have positive impacts.

As part of our people centred approach, we run effective engagement initiatives, such as consultations, stakeholder meetings, public events and workshops ensuring key stakeholders are involved in the solutions we create.

We know how challenging engagement can be, and we never shy away from the difficult conversations – giving you the reassurance and support your organisation needs and helping you build relationships at all levels, from decision makers to members of the community.


Our solutions meet genuine need and impact. Our diagnostic tools enable us to baseline, understand and work with the current scenario to identify risks and maximise opportunities.


We work collaboratively. Our solutions have integrity and credibility, are evidenced based, easy to use and work. We are fleet of foot, flexible and all our services contribute to improving outcomes for residents and service users.


We are intelligence driven. Our solutions are responsive to needs, quickly mobilised and resourced by affordable teams. We deliver solutions in a pragmatic, impactful and client centred way.