Despite a lack of clarity on next steps from last year’s Fair Cost of Care exercise, Local Authorities are still responsible for setting fair and sustainable fee rates for local provider markets (Care Act). 

The Fair Cost of Care work undertaken resulted in a lot of additional insight and intelligence about your market; that can be used to help drive your future needs and requirements. 

C.Co has long been established as a leading provider of collaborative cost of care assessments. 

Understanding both commissioners and providers, we are experts at navigating complex relationships to establish framework rates and local fees for services. This ensures your market can be sustainable and delivers the quality of services you require. 

We can support you in the engagement and conversations needed with Providers to build on last year’s evidence-gathering exercise and draw a more complete and accurate picture. 

We can allay any concerns that the previous work may have caused and help you to set realistic, affordable and sustainable fees for your local care market.

Last year’s work should not be wasted. Let us help you to use it as a platform for improved relationships with your local market providers and to enable eyes-wide-open , fully transparent approaches to local fee setting.

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