As the country tentatively moves out of lockdown it is becoming more and more accepted that there will need to be a fundamental shift in the way the local government does business. Financially we will be looking at a very daunting period ahead and this is coupled with a much sharper focus by citizens on what they value and need.

At CIPFA C.Co we have recently been working with authorities across the country who have asked us to undertake extensive consultations and engagements with their residents. The results have not only helped them to shape their strategies and plans going forward, but have informed them on the – sometimes surprising – things residents value most and least. Our recent support to a future library service consultation received a remarkably high response, and included many in-depth one to one conversations, with residents very keen to engage and express their views.

These consultations can provide an immediate opportunity for councils to think more radically about their future offer – but based on citizen led information and testimony. However, this period of recovery affords councils with a very limited window to engage and consult on the future of some of their services, before an expectation is built that things will return to the way they were previously.

We know this is a busy time, but our experienced team are able to provide you with a rapid response to your needs, from simple to complex requirements, and the results we provide are trusted, impartial and evidence based.

If you are considering any form of consultation or engagement, please give us a call on 07834686136 or drop us a line SpeakToUs@WeAreC.Co and we would be very happy to discuss how we might help.

A simple consultation exercise starts from as little as £5,000