The Government has recently published detailed guidance on funding available to help local authorities to deliver on its expectations for paying a fair cost of care and achieving market sustainability.

This funding is designed to ensure local authorities can move towards paying providers a fair cost of care, as appropriate to the local market. Completing a fair cost of care exercise and a market sustainability assessment are prerequisites to access the additional funding. At C.Co, that’s what we do.

Fair cost of care from C.Co

Ever since we established our consultancy, we have been carrying out fair cost of exercises, using our tried and tested bespoke tools and methodology. We have worked with a range of local authorities across the country to help determine fair costs for the provider and the local authority, driven by local factors and circumstances. You can read about some of these fair cost of care exercises here. To find out more about how we work collaboratively with local authorities and care providers, please read our brochure.

We are working with, and providing our expertise to, our colleagues in CIPFA, who are independent advisors on the group drafting the templates and guidance for the Government.

We are passionate about supporting sustainable markets and deliver our cost of care exercises at a realistic and reasonable cost.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you to better understand your provider market and associated costs, which will support you in gaining access to Government funding, then please get in touch with us at your earliest opportunity.

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What our clients say about our work

C.Co’s unique approach to defining a fair cost of care allowed for genuine market engagement. I would recommend C.Co to any authority looking to undertake a similar exercise.

Kate Phillips, Senior Manager – Contracts and Quality Assurance, Cheshire West and Chester Council

C.Co’s expertise really helped us to get a true picture of the local cost of care for our area

Jayne Marshall, Lead Commissioner, Community Care Market, Wirral Borough Council