Rochdale Borough Council
The restructure of Rochdale Borough Council’s Finance Services department highlighted a number of potential issues and discrepancies in the roles undertaken by individuals across the service and across the current grading structure. C.Co was commissioned to review the Finance teams to:

  • Determine a clear level of required competency across the grading structure
  • Identify and document minimum levels of good practice
  • Identify training requirements across the service
  • Identify any resourcing issues across the service
  • Recommend any further actions; and specifically
  • To provide a report detailing scope, findings, competency framework, recommendations (including action plan for implementation), training and development plan and an expectations guide to be used in Performance Development Reviews for each grade within the Service

The review included all Finance Services, apart from Revenues & Benefits and the Integrated Finance Team and involved 61 Council officers between existing grades 3 and 9. The review reflected the Council’s requirement to involve all peer groups and enable all staff to participate in the review and inform its outcomes.

The final report included a bespoke behavioural competency framework, designed for Rochdale Council. The proposed Framework was informed by Corporate and Service priorities and objectives and by the comprehensive feedback received during the review. The framework is set out over four levels rather for individual grades. It ensures that expectations are proportionate for individuals’ own role; that the requirements/expectations of roles at higher level are clear to inform and support development and progression; and to enable individuals to be have a clearer expectation of those officers operating at the levels above them.

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