By Sophie Coles
Teamwork. Does the term make you feel warm inside or is it more likely to make you wail at the top of your lungs?

Teamwork is definitely one of those words that can be perceived as ‘hated office jargon’.  The majority of us work within multi-person organisations however, so operating without teamwork just isn’t an option!  So, how can we maximise on what we can achieve within our teams?

At a recent C.Co away-day, we utilised the Strengthscope® tool.  The overarching goal of Strengthscope® is around energising your workplace with authenticity, engagement and productivity; all values closely held by C.Co.

Now, I can hear some of you exhaling loudly….

I have heard many people talk about a range of ‘testing’ or ‘personality assessments’ that they have undertaken or have been requested to complete.  I recognise that some folks may have experienced these being used in a critical or limiting manner. However, my personal experience has thankfully always been that these tools have been used constructively within teams, departments and companies I have worked in, to maximise one another’s natural abilities and strengths.

So why did we use Strengthscope® and how does it differ to other tools on the market that we could have utilised?

Strengthscope® recognises strengths as our underlying qualities that energise us and that we are great at (or have the potential to be great at). I personally love this concept because it enables us as human beings to be the most authentic version of ourselves.

The creators state that Strengthscope® allows you to bring your best to work, and to life, every single day, through the discovery and development of your strengths.  Isn’t that what we all want?  To be performing at our best?

The Strengthscope® tool consists of a number of questions which I found really easy to answer and worked through pretty quickly.  The completed assessment is then returned and you are provided with a report which outlines sections of such huge value as:

  1. Your Significant 7 Strengths (the most energising qualities for you)
  2. When performing at your best, how these strengths present themselves
  3. Your ‘strengths profile’:the four cluster areas that they fall in (Emotional, Relational, Execution and Thinking) are more important for your Strengthscope® state, than just focusing on your individual score for each strength.  Now again, this tool is strengths-focused so  where, for example, you might have a low score, that doesn’t mean, that you are unable to do this.  It just isn’t something that gives you energy!)
  4. Developing strengths to achieve peak performance (which is where you can read more about developing your 7 Significant Strengths and reduce overdrive risks)
A Strengthscope® example

Let’s use me as an example….

I love people.  I am people-focused.  I love communicating with people. I am energised through time spent with people. I love to lead, set goals, motivate and encourage people and I thrive on the wide network of people in my life.  So it will come as no surprise I am sure, that Enthusiasm, Initiative, Leading, Decisiveness, Relationship Building, Self-Confidence and Persuasiveness were my Significant 7 Strengths.

Enabling teams to work at their optimal level

Now, if you had an organisation with no variety in their people, their strengths, abilities or thinking, your organisation would likely not grow.  This is a massive factor for us all when considering not only recruitment or restructures within our organisations, but also in how we apportion tasks to people and how we maximise the value of the staff teams we have by enabling them to work at their optimal level.

C.Co not only has a diverse range of individuals, all of whom have spent a large proportion of their careers working within local government; we also recognise the value that each of us adds and we utilise each other’s strengths while working on projects which provides the very best outcomes for our customers.

Because our organisation truly recognises people’s strengths, I can honestly say I have never been happier in my last 20 years of work.  Through undertaking Strengthscope®, as a team we are even more cohesive; recognising the differences we all bring and where we ourselves are most energised!

Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people achieve uncommon results, and is what we thrive on here at C.Co.

At C.Co, we have Strengthscope® accredited facilitators and organisational change experts, so if you need a shake-up, a refresh, and some energy reignited, give us a call or pop us an email – we would be delighted to help you!