C.Co Associate Jane Whyatt explains what attracted her to C.Co

“I have always been interested in, and motivated by, change and the development of ways to achieve this by collaboration and transformation. Positive transformation helps organisations and teams to make improvements and to achieve their goals.

I am always looking for ways to improve how things work and ask questions such as “what about if we …..?”,  “have you ever thought about ….?”

As a result, I have consistently migrated to transformation and project-based activities at all organisations where I have worked, in both the public and private sectors. These opportunities have allowed me to use my governance, finance and business experience to identify and deliver improvements.

My recent experience was performing a governance and assurance role at a local authority, as part of the finance service. This was a highly positive experience and provided many opportunities to get involved in a range of activities and to positively contribute to the transformation of the wider team, and to the Council.

Therefore, I was keen to build on this and to be part of a business that helped public sector organisations to implement change.

I considered the options for me and was very keen to secure a consultancy commission. CIPFA C.Co is part of the CIPFA family and therefore benefits from the Institute’s expertise. As a subsidiary of CIPFA, C.Co can be relied upon to consider all aspects of the public sector, and to have the appropriate values for the sector. When the current opportunity presented itself, I had no hesitation in expressing my interest.

I am currently working at a metropolitan local authority in the north west to develop their governance arrangements. It is proving to be a very interesting piece of work that I feel draws on my experience.  C.Co colleagues identified this and gave my details to the client, for their consideration.

C.Co are providing the appropriate amount of support to me whilst recognising that I am an experienced professional. I can draw on the knowledge and experience of other C.Co colleagues if this is required for collaboration as part of the agreed support to the client.

C.Co colleagues have set out the three step model to successful transformation. I feel that I am working with like-minded people and the Client also seems to appreciate the work I am doing.

So far, I think it was definitely the right move for me!”

At C.Co, we support organisations with solutions for all aspects of change management, enabling successful improvement and transformation across the public sector. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch with us today.