by Sophie Coles

Flexible working, remote working, mobile working, home working; all these phrases have increased in our everyday vocabulary and lived experience over the past number of years.

Our team lives all across the UK. We work with a variety of clients, all of whom are located all over the country.  We invest in our staff’s wellbeing, and have wellbeing-focused policies in place to ensure that our team have the support they need to work from home in a healthy and balanced way.

As remote workers, how do we stay effective, connected and energised?

There are days we barely get off our chairs aren’t there?  When we get sucked into the working from home time warp.   I find myself at times missing the time I had walking between office buildings, where I had time to decompress, analyse and just have space to think and recalibrate.  Those 5-minute water cooler or photocopier conversations that would spark an idea, or create a connection.

Before I came to work for C.Co I was the absolute worst at prioritising breaks, particularly lunch breaks  This meant I often would work straight through, not taking proper breaks for weeks and months on end.

I thankfully broke this habit and I take an hour out of work daily now, almost without fail.  It’s diarised and as important to me as my meetings are.  I can use that time to run the errands I need to, to prep dinner, to get some fresh air, or just catch up with a friend by grabbing a quick sandwich with them.

Wearecco, working flexibly

While some downsides of working from home shouldn’t be ignored, at C.Co, care for our team is absolutely central to our organisation.

We meet weekly for an hour every Monday where we clarify shared goals, individual roles, constraints, and resources.  We have an embedded culture of openness which means that where anyone begins to feel overloaded, or where colleagues need to seek advice on a project or proposal; time and space are always created.

We recognise the challenge around home working, in terms of work being ever-present and within easy reach (just like my snack cupboard).  It’s easy to remember that perpetual snacking isn’t healthy, but how easy we find it to continually ‘graze’ on work, to the detriment of work life balance.  Again, here at C.Co, we are very good at encouraging each other to separate work and home. For me, that has been through creating fixed rituals in my diary.

Creating this ritual has genuinely enabled me to improve my work-life balance, be a better employee, a better parent and a better partner.  I am more energised, more resilient and have a fresher outlook.  I make sure I turn off my laptop at the end of the day and put it out of sight to avoid the inevitable temptation of returning to it in the evening.

Acting with integrity and making a difference in our delivery to our clients are founding principles here at C.Co.  We employ talented, committed and capable experts. People who are able to deliver practical and timely support and solutions.  We deliver on time and delight our clients, which in turn, means that our clients return to us, knowing that we add real value to their organisations.

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