C.Co was invited by Doncaster Children’s Services Trust to work with its stakeholders to help identify areas for improvement, with a spotlight on maximising existing resources, ensuring that the right people with the right skills are in the right places at the right time. Further to this, the Trust was clear on its need to explore other areas where efficiencies could be achieved and growth opportunities exploited.

The work undertaken was aligned to assisting the Trust in achieving its ambitions to:

  • Reduce costs whilst maintaining and/or improving quality standards
  • Become financially independent and sustainable
  • Grow the business so that it helps more Children outside the Doncaster area
Our approach

Through a series of interviews, observations and workshops, C.Co was able to identify a range of opportunities to improve the service, including opportunities around commercialisation and affordability; and a broad brush approach developed to guide its transformation journey.

High level cost analysis and benchmarking was undertaken to inform the recommendations, ensuring these would truly deliver the required results and maximise opportunities for the Trust.

The outcome

The ultimate output was the creation of an Outline Business Case including full benefits mapping and risk and deliverability analysis to support further strategic discussion and decision making.

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