A revolutionary new and affordable analytics software tool called arc visualises national police crime data from forces around the country, to make it useful at a local level. arc turns nationally available data from data.police.uk into valuable local level insights to allow planners, strategists and anyone tasked with making accurate forecasts to explore crime in a particular area. It will be particularly useful for Local Authorities and Police and Crime Commissioners’ Offices, wanting to do their own independent analysis or lacking direct access to crime data.

arc extracts actionable local intelligence it can be investigated further in detail or users can grasp the bigger picture by looking at a particular local situation or benchmarking against others.

The rapid and extensive insights arc can provide include:

  • Highly accurate demand forecasts for each police force, Local Authority Community Safety, or Crime Reduction Partnership
  • Categorisation of each LSOA based on prevalent types of crime
  • Heat maps
  • Priority LSOAs

The charts of data that are produced by arc are completely interactive and customisable. Outputs can be saved as interactive webpages or images for reports, presentations or further discussions.

Fully customisable

The capability of arc can be increased even further with the fully customisable version. If you already have your own data, arc allows you to build it in to produce the same advanced dashboarding, demand forecasting and characterisation of areas.

You can blend your data in to produce even more powerful and subtle insights, forecasts and charts to include:

  • Local, more detailed crime information
  • Local authority or health data
  • Other data sets, such as locations of pubs and licensed premises or schools etc.
Advanced Problem Profiles

At C.Co, we can also provide tailored problem profiles, where our analysts do the detailed analysis and report back with new expert insights. Contact us to find out more.