The C.Co team are ready for you! Get in touch and let’s make something amazing together.

We are C.Co; a consultancy established in 2016 by CIPFA to deliver high quality services to the public sector in the UK.

We have a fantastic core team and a great network of knowledgeable and passionate associates and are always looking to attract more talent. We are particularly interested in the following skillsets:

  • project management
  • innovation
  • service design
  • business analysis
  • business redesign
  • leading change programmes
  • organisational development

C.Co’s Vision is to become the trusted partner of choice for organisations to turn to when they need advice or support. Our Values are aligned to making our vision become a real reality:

  • We believe that PEOPLE MATTER– this means treating everyone with empathy and respect; ourselves, our family & friends, our colleagues, our customers and the public.
  • We act with INTEGRITY at all times, in all situations.
  • We think LONG TERM IMPACT not short-term gain – this means doing the right thing even if it involves a tough decision.
  • We believe in GROWTH and LEARNING – for us as individuals, for us as a team, for our organisation and for those that we work with.
  • We believe that the best decisions are EVIDENCE BASED – this means using information and insight that supports our customers to make good decisions. SIMPLE, VISUAL, CLEARand ROBUST.
  • We value DIVERSITY – we want to attract people with the same values but with different experiences, viewpoints, strengths and knowledge so that we don’t develop group think.
  • We want to challenge each other to think differently and be BETTER.
  • We believe that interaction and COLLABORATION lead to great things. This means exploring ideas with people inside of the company and out. It means being PRESENT in whatever environment we are in.

We work with a wide variety of public sector organisations, particularly local government and local government owned companies, to identify opportunities, solve problems, develop options appraisal, business cases, and implement change.

We work across a wide variety of service areas including corporate services, libraries, leisure, children’s service, adults social care, traded services etc.

We work hard because we love what we do and we are passionate about public services. But as a value driven organisation we also believe in supporting each other to have happy, healthy, interesting and fulfilling lives.

We work across the UK and use technology to be truly mobile workers so wherever you live, whatever your responsibilities, we give you the freedom and autonomy to create the working environment that’s right for you.

We are not recruiting for any specific roles at the moment but if you are interested in working with us then get in touch! SpeakToUs@WeAreC.Co