Whether its private or public sector the role of the chief executive officer (CEO) or managing director (MD) has changed and developed over the years. Whereas once, this position as the head of the company was seen as ‘The Boss’, the person who everyone deferred to, the role has over time morphed more into one of leadership rather than directorship and collaboration is now key to being a successful leader.

A leading light

The role of a strong leader has probably never been so important as it is now. Organisations are faced with many challenges from resources and funding issues, through to the impact of Brexit and increased pressures on service provision. These factors are of course compounded by the constantly evolving face of the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact it has had across not only the UK, but the world.

As the head of your organisation, you need to be able to steer the direction of travel and understand what you are trying to achieve and how you are going to get there. At the same time, it is important to remember that you are not expected to be an expert in every area – that’s why it’s imperative that you build a strong team around you.

Qualities of a good leader

Read any article on leadership and there are many attributes that are associated with what makes a good leader. These range from resilience, integrity, passion and accountability, through to self-confidence, problem-solving and decision making. Collaborative working and supporting your team also feature strongly. If you have worked your way towards heading up your organisation, then the chances are you will intrinsically have many of these characteristics, but if you identify a weakness, you will find there are numerous options around training and coaching that can help you bridge any gaps. A true leader is not afraid to ask for help when they need it.

Uncertain times

We are in the middle of an unchartered period of uncertainty and change. This is likely to continue for many months, if not years. With the anxiety that this is likely to create throughout your stakeholders, perhaps adaptability and resilience are currently two of the most important attributes. However, despite the ongoing need for collaboration with your team and the wider organisation, the truth is, the buck really does still stop with you. In the same way as its acceptable, or even vital, that you ask for support if you need personal development, so too is it essential that you get the necessary support when you are looking to transition your organisation. This is why it is so important to understand your role and your responsibilities and when the inevitable change is required, you work with an independent trusted advisor, who can support your aspirations and help you recognise the actions that are required to achieve the outcomes you want for all your stakeholders.

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