Modern leadership needs to be significantly different from the previous ways of doing things – especially in local government. Leaders can no longer afford to adopt an authoritative style of command and control. That’s not to say that decisive action and a clarity of direction aren’t important, it means that it needs to include collaboration with the wider leadership team. It requires taking a strengths based approach to developing the team and working together to achieve shared goals.

How we can help

But before setting out the leadership challenge a leader needs a ‘safe space’ to be able to think through and test future strategies. At C.Co we know that it can be lonely at the top and can use our experience to work with leaders to help challenge and support them. We can allow leaders to think radically, step out of day to day operations and think differently about future challenges or immediate issues.

Building teams

We also work with leadership teams, ensuring balance, authenticity and different styles to be both heard and understood. This helps to manage talent and develop collaboration. We have helped to work with teams to agree shared responsibility, act with integrity and build resilience.

C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

Independent Assurance Budget Review

CIPFA C.Co Ltd (C.Co) was commissioned by the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority (the Authority) to undertake an independent assurance review related to the production of the Authority’s 2019/20 budget. The Authority was specifically seeking to ensure that: The process for completing the budget met all statutory and, internal, constitutional requirements The assumptions made within […]

Government Health Checks

Chief Officer Restructure

Following the launch of the Wirral Growth Company and the departure of a senior director in December 2017, Wirral Council recognised the need and opportunity to restructure its senior leadership team and thereby the structure of the whole Council in order to meet the new ambition for the area. The objectives of the restructure were […]

Support to Organisational Re-Design

Wirral Council needed to review its organisational structures and ways of working to both nsure that it was aligned to emerging priorities, including major economic development spirations, and to ensure it was able to meet efficiency saving requirements. The C.Co team supported the Council across a number of its key delivery areas including: Senior Officer […]

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