City of Wolverhampton Council
Local Authorities must provide a comprehensive and efficient library service for anyone in the area who wants to make use of it, taking into account local needs and within available resources.

C.Co was asked by the City of Wolverhampton Council to provide a baseline on the current financial position of its Library Service and to advise on viable income generation and cost reduction opportunities to help the Council comply with its statutory duty as well as inform future transformation plans.

The scope included:

  1. Undertaking a review of the current income optimisation plans for Council’s Library Service providing a SWOT analysis on the current proposals to identify opportunities to pursue
  2. Undertaking a maturity assessment on the current insight and intelligence available for libraries
  3. Identifying and reporting on opportunities for income optimisation in libraries through research of best practice and engagement via a workshop.


A Customer Insight and Business Intelligence Assessment provided a baseline position for the library service with regard to the status of its customer evidence base to inform and support the plans for service transformation. Further to this, the assessment provided the Council with a direction of travel by highlighting the standards that the service would need to satisfy to move it onto the next level.

Our robust evaluation weighted the income generation and cost reduction opportunities identified against important priorities for the Council, resulting in a fit for purpose end product, tailored specifically to meet the Council’s requirements.

The final report highlighted opportunities with a potential financial value of £1.3 Million and different governance model options to facilitate delivery.

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