A partnership between C.Co and Socitm Advisory

“Our two organisations are passionate about innovating social care. C.Co have a proven track record of delivering organisational design and alternative delivery model development, while Socitm has successfully implemented digital programme delivery“

At C.Co, we often find the need to improve technology comes from a business requirement to save money – but how often do organisations start by thinking ‘what is it we’re trying to achieve, what will we require to enable it and why? Digital transformation and channel shift has a vital part to play in efficiency and cost reduction, it simply cannot be a solution to transformation on its own.

To this end, C.Co and Socitim advisory have come together to share our knowledge, experience and resources to improve society and support the public sector to support long lasting transformation enabled by technology in Adult Social Care.

The challenges facing the sector are well documented; Increasing demand, Expectations for more outcome-driven services, Reduced budgets. Skills and workforce shortages. Recruitment and retention is hitting new lows. Delayed transfers of care are hitting new highs. Every pound has to stretch further. The system is reaching crisis point.

Though Socitm and CIPFA C.Co believe the integration of services will begin to address these issues, it is not the panacea that is going to solve all of the sector’s problems. Local authorities, community and voluntary providers, the private care market and NHS providers have to think differently about how they deliver and procure services; the real challenge is to evidence and address the root causes (not just the symptoms) to meet both the immediate short-term pressures and the long-term needs, ensuring a sustainable care system for future generations.

Key to this is creating the right environment, using the right evidence, and engaging those closest to services to truly integrate and transform.

Our two organisations provide complementary skills sets; our teams are made up of people with vast experience in co-designing innovative new health and adult social care solutions with service users, who we put at the heart of service transformation.

We recognise that no two health and care systems are the same – every job is different. depending on which tools are best for each task, we can incorporate service users in co-production, demand modelling, financial and risk analysis, benchmarking, qualitative and quantitative research, data analysis, system design and implementation. We help clients to explore opportunities, test concepts, and model and evaluate options for robust evidence-based decision-making. We work with politicians and officers to explore and articulate what they are trying to achieve; assess how they are currently performing against their ambition; and identify what they need to change to get back on track or make the maximum impact. We help them to create a clear, outcome-focussed framework that articulates their target operating model.

To find out more about our partnership and examples of our work, download our brochure or contact us to find out more
Download our brochure here: C.Co and Socitm