C.Co was commissioned by Norfolk County Council and the Norfolk and Waveney NHS Integrated Care Board to undertake a Collaborative Care Market Review.

The review involved assessing the current commissioning arrangements in place for Nursing Care for Older People within Norfolk & Waveney’s Integrated Care System (ICS), and to consider comparisons with other areas, as well as identification of best practice.

The ICS asked C.Co to identify the potential for integrated commissioning, including proposals to manage and mitigate risks.  The ICS also wanted us to identify and evaluate opportunities for efficiencies, cost savings and market development. C.Co was asked to identify any other relevant recommendations and align residential and nursing care definitions and fees across health and social care.

Our approach

We took a fully collaborative approach and conducted detailed financial analysis, risk assessment and benchmarking, both nationally and locally; as well as significant engagement with internal, external and Provider stakeholders.

Following our analysis of the current commissioning models and the local and national benchmarking undertaken, we held thematic workshops with stakeholders on the options available for future service delivery. An option was agreed to be progressed by the Steering Group, following a midway report, which detailed benefits and disadvantages of options.

The outcome

A final report was developed which fully appraised the agreed option.  This included assessing the financial benefits, sustainability and deliverability of the option.

12 tangible recommendations were provided by C.Co, which seek to further accelerate the integration between health and social care, whilst overcoming existing barriers. The recommendations were prioritised into ‘Critical,’ ‘Essential’ and ‘Recommended’ categories.

The recommendations detailed throughout the final report will enable the ICS to put in place fundamentals that are essential to successful local delivery: accountability at every level, genuine transparency, on the-ground support, and mechanisms to spread and maximise good practice and innovation”. This will lead to improved outcomes for people, improved operational efficiency, reducing delayed discharges and improving market stabilisation.


” Consultancy companies should bring clarity and coherence, which includes different ways of thinking. Sophie came at things from a position of knowledge and understanding and genuinely listened. Sophie helped challenge my thinking from the first interview that she undertook with me. She really enhanced Norfolk County Council’s reputation with stakeholders and care providers. I would highly recommend C.Co to others and I hope our partnership continues”.

Chris Scott, Assistant Director, Norfolk County Council.