Some of us will have had experience of working with a ‘shiny suit’ in the past. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to have been a positive one.

In these situations, more often than they will take up a lot of your time, either without helping or making the situation worse, and then charge you a lot of money to tell you what you already know. This gives consultancy a bad name.

However, at C.Co, rest assured, we pride ourselves on not having a shiny suit in sight.

Our strength is in our collaborative approach, working seamlessly alongside you and your teams to not only diagnose, but also develop and deliver an effective plan which will instigate the right outcomes.

C.Co has provided a wide range of support across a number of areas, large and small; from facilities management to social care, and everything in between. This has included developing commercial operating models for services and organisations, delivering senior management restructures, developing transformation programmes, and accelerating change in a wide range of services.

We work with clients from local government, the NHS, police, the third sector, and more, to deliver positive and effective, lasting change in this way, using our 3 D’s principles:


We gather deep insights to solve complex problems through actual conversations with you, your team, community, and stakeholders, to really understand the issues and what the outcomes should be.

For us, it’s imperative that strategic decisions are considered, working backwards from the original outcomes required, to ensure that solid foundations are built around the strategy and ensure its success from the start.


Any new concept or idea is developed and tested by those who will benefit from it, such as those who will be involved and those who will use the service. This is key to ensuring that ideas offer a suitable solution which appeals to the market, and will not be to the detriment of staff morale or the local economy.

We will work with and alongside you and your teams to maximise the opportunities, ensuring that the services will be affordable, managed effectively and efficiently, and aligned to the outcomes you want to achieve.


We know that organisations are highly individual and each relies on its specific requirements and processes. Most of our team has a public sector background, so we really understand the nature of the challenges and size of demands you and your team face.

Our solutions are smoothly integrated with your teams, and successfully implemented to deliver the best outcomes for your residents and service users of any project, allowing you to succeed.

We are passionate about making a difference to your organisation and establishing a long-term collaborative relationship to ensure everything is running smoothly.

To find out more about the C.Co approach to assist you and your organisation, contact us or email SpeakToUs@WeAreC.Co