Why is the right structure important?

Organisations are getting better at undertaking transformational programmes of work. But sometimes, when you react to urgent and iterative change, the overall strategy can get lost. If you don’t have a blueprint to work towards, work can become disjointed and confused, conflict can arise amongst competing priorities, organisational culture can suffer and you won’t achieve the most value for residents. Further to this, without the right corporate governance processes in place an organisation could be heading towards catastrophic failure. You need to be clear that accountabilities and responsibilities are taken seriously and properly acted upon. This ranges from financial and contractual processes to decision making.

What does organisational design involve?

We work with people across the whole organisation from strategic leaders to front line deliverers your to help design and develop or refresh your structure from Target Operating Model design to practical delivery. We can help you to explore and articulate what you’re trying to achieve, assess how you’re currently performing against your ambition and identify what you need to change to maximise your delivery impact. We can help you to create a clear, outcome focussed framework that that ensures your form follows your function.

What are the benefits?

Having roles and structures that show clarity of purpose to deliver the outcomes, values and vision for your organisation will have a direct impact on the culture, processes and people within it. It will positively influence core enabling business as it informs service delivery, technology, finance and customers and ensure clear and logical lines of accountability.


C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

Independent Assurance Budget Review

CIPFA C.Co Ltd (C.Co) was commissioned by the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority (the Authority) to undertake an independent assurance review related to the production of the Authority’s 2019/20 budget. The Authority was specifically seeking to ensure that: The process for completing the budget met all statutory and, internal, constitutional requirements The assumptions made within […]

New Adult Social Care Delivery Models

Cheshire East Council’s Adult Social Care Directorate, like many other Public Sector organisations was operating in a context of the unprecedented challenge, with increasing expectations for more outcome-driven services combined with reducing budgets, the expectation of personalised services, increasing demand, and a challenging policy environment. Recognising this they engaged the C.Co team to help them […]

Facilities Management Local Authority Trading Company

In March 2016 Cabinet agreed the Business Plan for the Flintshire ADM proposal from Facilities Management Services to create a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC) with TECKAL exemptions. In March 2017 C. Co was invited by Flintshire Council to work with its Facilities Management team to provide assurance on the commercial assumptions made within the […]

C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

Supporting Commercial Aspirations and Behaviours

It may seem obvious that becoming commercially successful is not simply achieved by setting up a trading company, but nonetheless it sometimes need some support to recognise that setting up a high-performing, successful, commercial company takes a considerable amount of due diligence, market understanding and a recognition that this does not happen overnight. Whilst it […]

Finance Service Structure Review

The February 2018 restructure of Rochdale Borough Council’s Finance Services department highlighted a number of potential issues and discrepancies in the roles undertaken by individuals across the service and across the current grading structure. CIPFA C.Co Ltd was commissioned to review the Finance teams to: Determine a clear level of required competency across the grading […]

Government Health Checks

Chief Officer Restructure

Following the launch of the Wirral Growth Company and the departure of a senior director in December 2017, Wirral Council recognised the need and opportunity to restructure its senior leadership team and thereby the structure of the whole Council in order to meet the new ambition for the area. The objectives of the restructure were […]

Support to Organisational Re-Design

Wirral Council needed to review its organisational structures and ways of working to both nsure that it was aligned to emerging priorities, including major economic development spirations, and to ensure it was able to meet efficiency saving requirements. The C.Co team supported the Council across a number of its key delivery areas including: Senior Officer […]

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