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We have added value through delivery of over 200 contracts, almost half of which are to new public sector clients. Across all of this work our focus has been on supporting the realignment of services to outcomes and contributing to saving significant amounts of money by doing the right things well

In 2023 we achieved significant impact alongside our Clients, our Partners.

This includes, but is not limited to:


CIPFA C.Co is committed to supporting its Partners realise intended outcomes. As a truly value driven consultancy, C.Co is unique in the market, by operating as an extension of the Public Sector C.Co ensures value for money delivery of highly skilled support.’

Donna Hall CIPFA C.Co NED.

Find out how we….

  • Enable you to translate your strategic and policy aims into coherent outcomes plans, within your available resources. Our approach ensures that strategy planning and budget processes are aligned, set over a planning cycle which enables multi-year decisions, and work across the silos of individual services.
  • Baseline costs, assets and capabilities and benchmark against others to know the level of current performance. Armed with a robust evidence base, we explore options including alternative service delivery models, governance arrangements and product development.
  • Help you explore opportunities, identify options, test concepts, model and evaluate options.
  • Grow your understanding around your available assets and how these can generate opportunities for savings
  • Provide assurance around your business planning and test your assumptions.
  • Support you to maximise your commercial opportunities and strategies.
  • Identify significant savings in areas such as SEND transport spends.
  • Provide radical, fresh thinking, challenging and reshaping systems and challenge the way things are usually done, are of which are fundamental to sustainable delivery of public services.
  • Apply our tried and tested procedures, resolving business problems, addressing service issues, bringing projects back on track and providing independent assurance.
  • Maximise opportunities, reduce deliverability risks, ensure compliance, and best practice.


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Local Authorities simply must spend better.  There is no money to waste getting things wrong. By working with C.Co as your trusted partner, you can be assured of a return on investment and alignment to your intended outcomes.