Budgeting for social care is a hugely complex area. Restricted budgets for councils, narrow margins for providers, increasing cost pressures for both, recruitment issues and the joint impact of a global pandemic and Brexit, the list goes on. All these factors, combined with the challenge of large, regional and local suppliers with very different cost bases, business and commissioning models, make for an incredibly intricate mix.

We understand the challenges and complexities that commissioners of care face on a daily basis. In accordance with CIPFA’s Cost of Care Guidance and by engaging with providers across the country, at C.Co we have developed a whole system understanding of what represents a true and sustainable cost of care.

When planning your budget, take a look at our cost of care brochure to get a better understanding of the approach we adopt to improve the sustainability of local care markets whilst increasing value for money for commissioners.

How we can help in planning your budget

Our six-step approach is underpinned by collaboration and evidence-based decisions. These include workshop delivery, data collation and in-depth analysis and modelling to enable us to determine a fair cost of social care that works for both commissioners and providers.

We will work with you to understand the cost of care, help set sustainable care fees and provide evidence-based options for future commissioning models. We will always leave you with solutions and insights that you can put into practice.

Free of charge consultation

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