C.Co and i-three analytics are working in partnership, giving you the confidence that your transformation programme is delivering the right things, at the right time within the available resources to deliver maximum impact.

Introducing Folio

Folio has been designed answer the question which projects should we do and what order should we to do them in? This ensures the greatest possible benefits and outcomes, whilst consuming the minimal resources and time. We are confident that Folio can outperform traditional programme management approaches, typically providing at least 20% greater benefits with reduced time and cost, and the assurance to know that the programme is deliverable

What are the issues faced in prioritising Transformation Programmes?

Achieving positive outcomes from projects in the public sector is critical for sustained change, transformation and value for money. Balancing conflicting priorities with resources being pulled in different directions is a key challenge – managing any more than a handful of small projects simultaneously is challenging even for the most experienced teams. Given the exponential number of permutations for sequencing multiple projects, it is almost impossible to identify and deliver the optimal programme using traditional methods of project and programme management.

Sub-optimal portfolios can be identified whenever there are:

  • Projects lagging behind
  • Underachievement of objectives and benefits
  • Greater overall costs and/ or less saving
  • Projects being selected based on ‘who shouts loudest’
  • Poor reporting procedures and supporting data
  • Impacts on customer confidence or reputational damage
  • Poor value for money

Faced with a long ‘wish list’ of things that need doing and insufficient resources to do them all, the obvious first question is: ‘Which things should be progressed?’ followed closely by ‘What order should we do them in?’.

Presented with this common dilemma; how can you be sure you’ve chosen the right list to progress, and importantly how can you evidence and objectively justify your selection?

How can C.Co and the Folio tool help?

Folio’s proven technology together with complex and clever algorithms and C.Co’s hands on experience shaping public sector transformation and analytical capability, means we can do all the heavy lifting of prioritising and sequencing multiple pieces of work. Folio is capable of analysing up to 2000 projects in moments and turning this into the optimal sequence together with other key programme outcomes in a matter of seconds. To put this into context, for a programme of 30 projects there are over 1 billion different permutations of the sequence to deliver them.

It can be applied to a wide variety of project scenarios, including but not restricted to corporate development work, pre-planned maintenance, or even a list of cases that need to be organised and worked through. If there are limited resources and an outcome being sought from each piece of work, it effortlessly provides the definitive selection and the best possible sequence for the programme to be successful.

It’s hard to overstate just how powerful this algorithm is, but with speed like this programme planning suddenly becomes far easier, rational, cost effective and strategic, rather than subjective, vague, political and time consuming. Not only that, the consistency and quality of the wider project information being used improves through the process allowing direct comparison between one and the next based upon an objective evidence base.

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