Baselining & Benchmarking

C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

Do you know how you’re performing?

First and foremost – what’s the difference?

Knowing your organisation inside and out is vital for success. Understanding your performance baseline provides an evidence base to not only review performance over time but also provides data which can be used to compare and contrast successes with others.

Benchmarking is a way of discovering the best performance being achieved across the sector and beyond. Comparing your organisation’s baseline data with the performance of others can lead to the identification of gaps and areas for development.

Our approach

At C.Co we understand that creating a baseline data set can be a challenge – after all, what really helps and what truly adds value? So often, reporting of such data can become an industry in itself. Similarly, it’s easy to view benchmarking as the holy grail of public service delivery. However, delve deeper and quite often benchmarking is little more than a comparison of apples and pears, which either raises false hopes or dashes enthusiasm. We use our knowledge or the sector and our experience to help you build a strategy benchmark for your organisation based on innovative good practice from the sector and beyond.

We believe in the value of baselining and benchmarking, but we work with teams to ensure that activity is proportionate, and the process is embedded into ongoing performance reviews, used to shape and steer strategy and organisation development.