Business Plans

C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

Do you have a spin out company but no business plan?

Why do you need a business plan? To be a successful business you need to have a clear direction of travel and a plan that will help you to survive in a competitive environment. As a new organisation, you have the added challenge of embedding new cultures and developing commercial capabilities. A business plan can get you ahead of the curve by giving you a defined strategy for growth and development which will form the foundation for your onward journey.

How do you develop a business plan? The business planning process begins by validating the options appraisal/ business case for establishing your spin-out. We will lead you through a strategic review to set the strategy of the organisation and better understand the market in which you are operating. We can undertake a thorough market appraisal, help you with product development and ultimately produce a 5-year plan for your business.

What are the benefits of a business plan? A strategy with clear goals and focus, underpinned by greater insight and understanding of the market, will put your company in a strong position to succeed. Direction and focus will help to build a positive organisational culture and provide a compass for day-to-day decisions. A cohesive company will also help to attract and retain talent.