Evidence based business cases

C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

What’s your process for helping stakeholders identify ‘what’s in it for them’?

What’s the challenge?

Never before has the need to scrutinise spend whilst maximising value been greater, and nothing makes for good decisions better than a sound evidence base.

At C.Co we understand that building robust business cases is a time intensive process that can become complicated quickly. But in a world where public resource is already stretched we also know how important it is to make the right decisions at pace.

On a more practical level, so often we find that the figures in a business case are the centre of discussion due to their factual and tangible nature, but outcomes or even the risk of not doing something are pushed down the priorities list. This makes for an unsustainable future for public services which must be addressed through a more holistic approach to change.

How we can help

Our approach to developing business cases is more than just the final financial proposal, instead we take a hands-on approach to identifying the purpose, objectives, benefits and options alongside stakeholders in order to build trust, develop ownership and instil commitment from the outset.

This approach not only ensures the creation of a fully evidenced and robust business case, it eases approval pressures and provides a solid foundation for successful future delivery of the project.

Not only that, but our team of CIPFA certified analysts make the perfect partners for building or critiquing that all important financial model that can so often be the undoing of any business case.