Governance Health Checks

Are you confident that your organisation has the right processes, systems and culture in place to support effective governance?

Why should you undertake a governance health check?

Without the right corporate governance processes in place an organisation could be heading towards catastrophic failure. You need to be clear that accountabilities and responsibilities are taken seriously and properly acted upon. This ranges from financial and contractual processes to decision making.

How do you undertake a health check?

We will work with you to baseline your current activity, assess the effectiveness of your governance processes, budgetary controls, performance management and the use of evidence to recognise any weaknesses and identify any improvements that could be made to maintain continuous improvement and mitigate risks.

What are the benefits of a health check?

By objectively surfacing any potential critical risks or weaknesses in your governance practices will help you to understand the root cause of organisational issues and any cultural concerns around openness, transparency and accountability, or any shortfalls in capability and skill. It’s a small investment that could prevent a massive failure.

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