Target Operating Model

C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

Does your organisation have a clear objective?

Why would you develop a TOM? Organisations are getting better at undertaking transformational programmes of work. But sometimes, when you react to urgent and iterative change, the overall strategy can get lost. If you don’t have a blue print to work towards, work can become disjointed and confused, conflict can arise amongst competing priorities, organisational culture can suffer and you won’t achieve the most value for residents.

What does a TOM involve? We can work with your strategic team and Members to develop or refresh your Target Operating Model. We can help you to explore and articulate what you’re trying to achieve, assess how you’re currently performing against your ambition and identify what you need to change to get back on track or make the maximum impact. We can help you to create a clear, outcome focussed framework that articulates your target operating model.

What are the benefits? Being clear about the outcomes, values and vision for your organisation will have a direct impact on the culture, processes and people within it. Having a robust target operating model will act as a compass to guide decision making at a strategic and operational level. It will positively influence core enabling business as it informs service delivery, technology, finance and suppliers. It will make iterative change management successful and ensure that all services align to the outcomes that you want to achieve.