Transformation Programme

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Is there confidence that your transformation programme will actually deliver?

Why do Transformation Programmes fail? Many projects suffer with change fatigue and a lack of buy in from key stakeholders. This is often down to lack of communication, disjointed actions and decisions as well as a lack of oversight and management.

How do you successfully mobilise and deliver a Transformation Programme? There are a number of key components which should be in place to enable successful delivery of a programme of work. These include, sound governance, change control mechanisms, engaged project delivery teams, an experienced programme management office, approved review methodology, benefits capture and realisation mechanisms and regular reporting. All in parallel to frequent and relevant communications and engagement with key stakeholders.

What is the value of a joined-up approach? The key components of programme management ensure greater buy in, enhance chances of success and allow warning signals to be flagged up in a timely manner to allow a change of course or tact.