C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

C.Co offers a wide range of courses aimed at public sector organisations. Our commitment to provide quality training has helped us to develop courses to meet client needs. Our experienced trainers are our Senior Consultants, Managing Director and Associates who offer a wealth of specialist subject knowledge.

Why do you need new skills?
Developing new knowledge and skill sets will help your organisation to continuously improve. Our training is thought provoking, challenging and, most of all, useful. You will always leave us with increased knowledge, further reading materials and practical ‘how to’ knowledge. Armed with supporting documents, templates and toolkits, you will feel ready to put your new skills into practice.

How do we work with you to upskill your workforce?
Our in-house training programmes are tailored to meet your requirements. We offer a free consultation as a precursor to any training programme so that we can gain a better understanding of your organisation’s needs. This helps us to identify the relevant key issues and adapt the course accordingly.

The course theory and supporting workshops, materials, toolkits and templates are all designed to ensure that the learning experience is exactly what you would expect it to be: Creative; Collaborative; Commercially minded and Solution Focused.

What are the benefits to your organisation?
Our courses have been developed from our ongoing industry experience, knowledge and research, built up over many years of working in the public sector. This ensures that the content is relevant, practical, representative of best practice and incredibly useful. Whether you’re learning about becoming more commercial, achieving successful change or improving contract management, we want you to leave feeling inspired and ready to make a positive different.

To discuss your bespoke training needs, please SpeakToUs@WeAreC.Co