By Jo Peters

On 8th April Crown Commercial Service (CCS) set out procurement essentials guidance on preparing for the implementation of the 2023 Procurement Act. In this guidance, they break down the process of preparing for the new regulations into five distinct workstreams. You can use these to examine your organisation’s readiness and what you need to do.

Workstreams for the implementation of the 2023 Procurement Act

The five workstreams are:

  1. Commercial activity: review all current and planned commercial opportunities
  2. Standard operating procedures and policies: ensure they are robust and future-proofed for the new regime
  3. Guidance and information: review the documents that your teams and suppliers use and ensure they are current
  4. Systems: consider the readiness of your organisation’s systems and what changes may be needed
  5. People: ensure your people understand Transforming Public Procurement and undertake the necessary training.

CIPFA C.Co has a track record of working with local authorities to undertake healthchecks and maturity assessments, prepare for change and provide assurance.

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We can develop a bespoke diagnostic to meet your needs targeting people, process and/or systems. We also have a tried and tested methodology for reviewing contracts and current procurements to better understand the commercial pipeline and bring about efficiencies. We can also provide additional capacity to support teams through times of change.

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