By Joanne Peters

The 2023 Procurement Act comes with challenges, but also opportunities, for local government. In this sector, procurement teams tend to be transactional, resulting in a focus on clearing cases, which is largely driven by limited capacity.

The Act will create challenges. In effect, it is likely that in the short term it will increase workload and levels of bureaucracy, as council procurement teams seek to understand and implement the requirements. This initial focus on compliance (‘are we legal?’) particularly changes around transparency, reporting and other legal/process implications, will be the immediate focus and will require lots of work (possibly for years) in some places.

Crown Commercial Service (CCS) is producing guidance in batches. The organisation has provided the first two sets.  There is a plan to release all of the guidance by the end of June 2024, which will mean more clarity to guide councils on the steps that need to be taken.

What can you do in advance?
  • Undertake training provided by CCS
  • Factor in additional capacity, e.g. bring in flexible resource or assign staff from elsewhere
  • Review existing skills, processes and systems to ensure that there is a solid baseline in place.
How can C.Co help?

We are public sector change experts! We can help you make sense of the complex local government landscape. We are highly skilled at healthchecks, maturity assessments, preparing for change and determining the optimum way forward for services which maximises outcomes, quality, productivity and value for money.

We can develop a bespoke diagnostic to meet your needs, targeting people, process and/or systems. We also have a tried and tested methodology for reviewing contracts and current procurements to better understand the commercial pipeline and bring about efficiencies. We are also able to provide additional capacity to support teams through times of change.

Get in touch with us today for a conversation about how we can support your organisation.