By Joanne Peters

There is lots of focus on Day One compliance and the implementation of the requirements of the 2023 Procurement Act.  Being ‘legal’ and compliant will rightly be the primary focus.  However, procurement teams need to think of the steps beyond this.

The Act will put the spotlight on procurement, which may result in a need for improvement or change, driven by organisational leadership.  Procurement may also need to keep up with demands from service teams. These team may want to do things differently to address pressures and challenges, using the flexibilities of the Act, such as looking to copy innovation from elsewhere.

Procurement teams tend to be transactional, so they focus on clearing cases, driven largely by  limited capacity. Within many local government organisations they can be typified as gatekeepers, rather than enablers. A shift in maturity of the procurement function will be required in order for an organisation to really benefit from the implementation of the Act.

How can C.Co help?

We are public sector change experts! We can help you make sense of the complex local government landscape. We are highly skilled at healthchecks, maturity assessments, preparing for change and determining the optimum way forward for services which maximises outcomes, quality, productivity and value for money.

We can develop a bespoke diagnostic to meet your needs, targeting people, process and/or systems. We also have a tried and tested methodology for reviewing contracts and current procurements to better understand the commercial pipeline and bring about efficiencies. We can also provide additional capacity to support teams through times of change.

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