Cheshire and Warrington Sub-Region

C.Co was commissioned to support the compilation of a three year cohesive programme for the sub-region of Cheshire and Warrington, known as the Public Service Transformation Programme. The programme involved working across organisation boundaries and all parts of the public sector including all local authority, clinical commissioning, NHS providers, probation, fire and rescue, sub-regional public health network (CHAMPS) and the countywide police force for Cheshire and Warrington..

The three year programme needed to:

  • Focus on the priority areas as identified by communities
  • Deliver a structured approach to change
  • Attract funding
  • Improve collaboration, data sharing and service improvement across partners
  • Support ‘inclusive’ growth across the sub-region

There were five agreed workstreams within the programme, which included;

  1. Complex Dependency
  2. Health related worklessness and Low Pay Progression
  3. Mental Health
  4. Domestic Abuse
  5. Reducing Reoffending
  6. Enablers (information sharing, commissioning)

C.Co worked with the team that lead the delivery of the Complex Dependency Programme to produce a comprehensive programme of work and associated plans for the programme going forward. This included:

  • Co-ordinating the activity to develop clear, robust and evidence driven plans for the priority themes of work, bringing together and building upon data analytics, demand modelling and cost benefit analysis
  • Assistance in identifying and developing key asks, activities and planning for the enabling activities required within the programme
  • Critically assessing the robustness of the evidence and plans and assisting in any additional data analysis, research and associated funding asks
  • Development, write up and proofing of a single documented programme of work, associated plans, and funding agreements for the programme going forward.

From existing and additional research, plus stakeholder input, C.Co was able to set the case for each workstream, develop measures and activity required and outline the key outcomes to be achieved. Independent input to facilitate sub-regional and cross-partner discussion and input was critical to the success of this project, ensuring all views were heard and a collaborative approach was taken to move things forward.

From this, C.Co designed a three year plan to support the Public Service Transformation Board in reflecting on the priority areas for each workstream and what resources would be needed to fulfil each objective. In order to test assumptions and strengthen the plan, C. Co designed and delivered an eight week consultation on the proposals prior to finalising the programme based on responses.

The outcome of the project was the delivery of a single, coherent programme document that will act as the guide for delivery over the next three years. The sub-region is now in a better position to deliver on this complex agenda and make a real impact to those who need support across Cheshire and Warrington; and the programme governance developed to underpin the programme should put them in a more favourable position to collectively bid for and win vital external funding.

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