The limitations of the recent cost of care exercise frustrated us in the same measure we understand it did many commissioners. Engagement with providers is the key to eliminating this and getting real value out of the prescriptive exercises undertaken.

As you will be aware the DHSC, through the LGA, has issued revised guidance for the completion of the Market Sustainability Plan (MSP) as part of the final stages of the Fair Cost of Care Exercise conducted during 2022.

Revised Guidance for Market Sustainability Plans

The revised guidance requires local authorities to engage widely with their provider market on the MSP and to show how the cost of care output, as outlined in your Annex B report due for publication on 1 February, has directly influenced your authority’s approach to fee setting in the context of the wider provision of social care and compliance with the Care Act.

At C.Co we are acutely aware that the Fair Cost of Care exercise did not cover the wider care market and our clients are telling us of concerns and pressures they are facing in areas such as extra care and supported living.

How can C.Co help?

We have extensive experience of working collaboratively with Health and Local Authority Commissioners, care providers and national organisations. We have a nuanced understanding of the pressures and challenges facing organisations when it comes to commissioning, funding arrangements, performance management, brokerage arrangements and the assessing of care fees.

Often brought in to provide an independent voice, impartiality and assurance, C.Co has worked with clients since 2016, engaging those purchasing and delivering care services to develop transparent approaches to calculating locally informed fees and developing realistic and affordable proposals that acknowledge the pressures on all parties. It was this experience that resulted in C.Co being a leading partner in supporting Local Authorities and Providers with the national 2022 Fair Cost of Care exercise.

Enabling sustainable and quality care markets

We are passionate about supporting all partners to enable sustainable and quality care markets. Our learning, knowledge and expertise in this area has helped many of our clients navigate the complexities and challenges of provider engagement and interpreting data into meaningful and affordable rates. We would value chatting this through with you, irrespective if you are looking for external support in the next steps of cost of care.

If you would like a no obligation discussion with one of our cost of care leads then please do not hesitate to get in touch via One of our leads will respond directly to arrange a mutually convenient appointment.