By Joanne Peters

September feels like a second chance for the start of a new year.  For the team at C.Co, as for many of you, the end of summer marks a ‘return’ of sorts, bringing the possibilities of a fresh start. Summer often affords us the space for reflection, and then the change of season brings a clarity and a fresh perspective.

This moment of clarity makes September a good time to step back and take stock before you launch back into the relentless pressure of day to day work in the public sector.

This September, it feels like there is so much going on, with just last week another Council issuing a S114 notice, crumbling schools, the announcement of strikes and extreme weather all with a backdrop of the ongoing cost of living challenges and continued budget cuts.

Taking a step back has never been more important to reset focus and priorities in the midst of what must feel like constant crisis.

Some of the questions we’ve been asking are:

  • What are the things that you want to get done by the end of the year?
  • How can you progress those things sitting on the to do list that you have not got round to doing? (the backburner projects that are becoming critical)
  • Can you ‘declutter’ your to do list? Are there things that you can actually stop?
  • What do you want to reset and do differently?
  • Are your priorities still right?

As we move through the year, this has helped our team to prioritise how we spend our time, focus on how we are going to get those important jobs done and reflect on lessons learned from the year so far.