Knowledge sharing

Knowledge sharing is a part of the knowledge management process, where information has been collected and put into context to make more sense. At C.Co we’re different to other consultancies because we see it as our duty to our clients and to the sector to share knowledge and learning rather than keep it ourselves to aid cost effective sector improvement.

It’s easy for organisations to operate in isolation and measure themselves against themselves. At C.Co we believe in the power of networks and have extensive experience of R&D projects that being together experience from across the sector – most recently our research has led to a number of papers including schools traded services, ethical commercialism, innovative customer services and cost of care.

We often work with local authorities who are interested in exploring new opportunities facilitating and leading discussion and research.

Good practice

At C.Co we don’t believe there is any such thing as ‘best’ practice. We know that organisations are different and one organisation’s ‘best’ relies on their specific requirements and context. These are highly individual, made up of different groups of methodologies, processes, rules, theories, values and concepts. We will always look to share our experience of other good practices that you can learn from them and move from ‘best practice’ to ‘next practice’. And we will share our learning ‘warts and all’ to allow you to succeed.


New Adult Social Care Delivery Models

Cheshire East Council’s Adult Social Care Directorate, like many other Public Sector organisations was operating in a context of the unprecedented challenge, with increasing expectations for more outcome-driven services combined with reducing budgets, the expectation of personalised services, increasing demand, and a challenging policy environment. Recognising this they engaged the C.Co team to help them […]

C.CO - CIPFA's New Consulting Company

Supporting Commercial Aspirations and Behaviours

It may seem obvious that becoming commercially successful is not simply achieved by setting up a trading company, but nonetheless it sometimes need some support to recognise that setting up a high-performing, successful, commercial company takes a considerable amount of due diligence, market understanding and a recognition that this does not happen overnight. Whilst it […]

Library Service Financial Modelling

Local Authorities must provide a comprehensive and efficient library service for all persons in the area that want to make use of it, taking into account local needs and within available resources. C.Co was asked by the Council to provide a baseline on the current financial position of its Library Service and to advise on […]

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