Local authorities are reporting an average loss of 5% year on year income in Schools Traded Services says a study of school non-staff expenditure published today.

The report, written by C.Co, reviews school non-staff spend and assesses the impact of the changing education landscape on local authority income generation. Data from over a third of local education authorities already suggests a collective loss of over £20m in business from schools’ service offerings.

Although traditionally bought from the local authority, the report highlights the changing market for school support services. In particular, it shows a rise in the competitive landscape and missed opportunities for aggregating spend across schools to further improve outcomes for children.

The report illustrates a shift which poses a risk to authorities strategic influence over educational outcomes as these services often provide a vital link between Local authorities and schools and ensures quality services contribute to childrens attainment.

C.Co’s Managing Director, Richard Harrison said “Education traded services often provide vital support services to schools but this is being put at risk by a perfect storm of budget pressures and changes in demand and legislation. Now is the time for local authorities to really understand the services they provide in order to make the right strategic decisions for the future.”

Adding to this, Richard stated that “while there is some really innovative practice out there, it is clear that delivery must be optimised, customer service enhanced and service growth encouraged wherever possible if the challenge is to be met”.

C.Co, who have worked with local authorities across the UK to explore options for Schools Traded Services, undertook the research to evidence and further explore the trends they have witnessed in recent months. It is hoped that the information will help schools, local authorities, other market providers and policy makers to continue dialogue about how best to work together to achieve positive educational outcomes.

The free report is available at https://wearec.co/c-co-schools-traded-services-research/