At C.Co we are working hard to address one of our clients’ biggest work concerns, the challenge of delivering a balanced budget.

In the current climate, the fear of bankruptcy is a very real one for local councils.

How can C.Co help?

Future Councils is our model for achieving sustainable organisation wide change. We have developed it to enable councils to meet the challenges they face today.  Our team works collaboratively with our clients.

Providing trusted capability and capacity, our Future Councils model is designed to:

  • Ensure organisations are financially sustainable and delivering value for money
  • Redesign services fit for today’s and tomorrow’s citizens’ needs
  • Pioneer approaches to service delivery
  • Ensure that decisions are intelligence-led, robust and based on a sound evidence base
  • Provide assurance that the council and its key officers are ‘safe’
What makes Future Councils from C.Co different?

Future Councils is based on the collective experience and knowledge of CIPFA C.Co from across the sector and beyond. It it is rooted in academic learning and good practice on what does and does not work in the delivery of organisation change. More importantly, it is grounded in the practical expertise and learning of our team.

From ensuring budgetary control is sufficient yet flexible for a modern organisation, to supporting new and flexible ways of working that drive efficient delivery, we can provide the building blocks that will help our clients deliver a balanced budget. Contact us today to find out more.